Warriors Conspiring to Take Out Lebron James to Force Cavalier Forfeit in Finals

Braden Hamelin

During the NBA Finals media day, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr gave a hint that taking on Lebron for the fourth straight year in the Finals wasn’t going to be too difficult this year. “Lebron is getting up there in age, and when that happens, badly timed injuries are truly devastating,” said Kerr, a subtle grin poking at the corners of his mouth.   

Throughout the first two games, the Warriors plot has been seen in action, staring in Game One when Draymond Green poked James in the eye, leaving it bloodshot and blurry. Then in the later stages of the game when Kerr put Zaza Pachulia, who the Warriors rely on to “accidentally” injure key players, into the game to guard James.  

An injury for James would spell the end of the Cavaliers, as they would be unable to field a team without James on the floor.  Cavs Assistant Coach Tryon Lue said about his boss, “James really does it all for us – he plays every position and coaches too. He does it all without any other players on our roster, simply incredible!” This year has been a marvel of James’ talent, after losing his only other teammate Kyrie Irving for this season. He’s had to beat three teams by himself to make it to these Finals, and the world is highly anticipating the matchup between Lebron and the Warriors. 

The final question is whether the league will do anything to address these claims against the Warriors, but the league office refuses to acknowledge even the possibility of this cheating, and the referees are deaf to all of James’ complaints of being knocked around like a rag doll by the Warriors squad.  

In truth, I think everyone watching at home is just praying James makes it out of these Finals still in one piece.