Flacco for Pryor: A Good Move?


Braden Hamelin, Staff Writer

Similar to the satirical publication The Onion, The Kumquat’s goal is to enlighten via satire and humor.

In a surprise move late Sunday, the Ravens have traded Joe Flacco away to the division opponent Browns for receiver and former quarterback Terrelle Pryor. Clearly unhappy with the subpar season Flacco has produced so far, the front office of the Raven’s finalized the trade at 11:30 P.M EST just after the Seahawks-Patriots game.

It looks clear right now that the Raven’s are moving on from Flacco after his knee injury last year. General Manager Ozzie Newsome said, “We are moving the organization in a new direction, and we feel that Joe just isn’t the right fit for our plans.”

Pryor has done a good job as a wide receiver this year, but the Ravens are going to need a quarterback to fill Joe’s shoes. Sixth year man Ryan Mallet will have to compete with Pryor for the starting quarterback spot. Neither quarterback looks like a solid pick to replace Joe, as it evident throughout Pryor and Mallet’s careers.

Most fans have been skeptical so far towards the new changes. Quite a few fans have cancelled their season tickets and said they will never go to another game again. Coach John Harbaugh was dismissive of the negative response to the trade, “It may not seem like a smart idea right now to trade Joe. The fans just have to trust in the fact that we see things in practice and game tape that told us this was the right move.”

Analysts have been picking apart the trade since the first word. It has been unanimously agreed upon as the worst trade in NFL history. That’s saying a lot, as there have been some horrendous  trades in the past. Most bad trades tend to revolve around unknown quarterbacks that end up being great. That’s way Joe is a special case. Nine years in the league, a Superbowl ring and MVP to go along with it.

No one I know is at all pleased about the trade, and that’s putting it lightly. Sophomore Cameron Thomas said, ” This is a horrible move, its really awful. But we just have to live with it now and hope for that Pryor isn’t as bad as he was with the Browns.” So yeah. This trade happened, and its looking like the Ravens are going to need to rebuild for a long time. Well, at least the Browns must be happy.