Water Coolers Revisited: What’s next for Towson’s top source of refreshment?

Nicholas Wynn

Becky got a surprise promposal from her dream date. Danny scored the winning buzzer-beater shot in the big game. Jeff got a 1550 on his SAT!

As the sun is begins to set over another school year, many students are reflecting on the many exciting events that happened during the past school year. All sorts of sweet memories from the Towson High hallways are filling the minds of students as the drift into the summer months, but the most tasteful and refined students all look to one particular event as the sweetest of them all: The addition of refreshing and convenient water coolers all around the entire school building.

The 2016-2017 school year was a benchmark school year. Within these past 9 months, there has been something that most have not had the privilege of experiencing within their lifetimes: the transformation.

Young men spend long nights dreaming of it, hoping for a time that it can be achieved. Old men yearn for it, wondering where the time has gone.

It’s the type of thing you’d have to see to believe: Students rejuvenated daily, socializing like the school hasn’t seen before, and class.

Not like Algebra class or English class, but real, sophisticated class. 

The kind of class that can’t be taught in a class, you dig?

A life-changing event is rarely sudden. In fact, it’s a process that takes time. People may think the water coolers haven’t made that big of a difference on the students and faculty of Towson High, and I’m not one to call people out during disagreements, but a shift of perspective for those naysayers would surely open their eyes to see the work that’s being done in those hallways.

It’s been said time and time again how much better the coolers make between class time compared to last year, so why do individuals keep doubting the progress that’s been made?

That’s easy: hysteria. So often people are hearing about the spills and the cup abuse – and don’t get me wrong, those things do happen – but there are so many positive things happening every day, thanks to the water coolers. The media wants to hold back the success of newfound refreshment with their negativity, so please don’t be fooled! Make your own judgement based on what you see, and don’t be afraid to challenge the establishment’s ideas.

I bet you won’t hear this prediction from the establishment:

The water coolers are going to continue to positively impact Towson High society and even increase their influence over the next few school years.

You may think it’s bold to say such a thing, but I’ve spoken to knowledgeable peers and scholars and they all agree that this is only the beginning for the sources of refreshment. In fact, they each have their own speculations on what is going to propel the success of the coolers even more so than currently:


  • “I believe there will be seltzer water coolers implemented in the future.”  – Mitchell Dyer, ’17
  • “It would be no surprise to see water-absorbent mats placed beneath each water cooler.” – Andrew Decker, ’18
  • “I could see width expansion in the coolers so students such as myself could fill a bottle up alongside someone else without getting too cramped.”  – Asia Bonlie, ’19
  • “Each day would be even more of a joy if each cooler had a hot water dispenser for things such as teabags or hot coca mix or even stain removal. Hot water is great for stain removal.”  – Yuma Sasaski, ’20

All of these diverse and creative ideas are a testament to the spirit of Towson students across every grade. In fact, the water coolers would never have been able to see such success if it wasn’t for those who bravely adapted to the change and used it to spread positivity to others across the school building.

Sometimes it will feel like progress isn’t being made; sometimes it will even feel like steps are being taken in the wrong direction, but if there is anything I learned in my tenure at Towson High, it’s that progress is not always a straight path. There will be barriers, intimidation, and adversity, but goodness will prevail in the end.

If you have a beverage in hand, preferably a cone paper cup, make a toast with me to a bright future of 5-gallon jugs, temperature controlled units, and most importantly communion among all individuals of THS.