Costume Ideas For Every Family Member

Braden Hamelin, Staff Writer

Well dear readers, Halloween season is here, and along with it, the paralyzing anxiety of not knowing what to dress up as. Never fear, because today we’re here find you and every member of your family the costume ideas to send you out looking like champions.  

For the more festive readers, some people will try to tell you it’s not Christmas season yet, it isn’t even near Thanksgiving, but no, don’t listen to them. For you, it’s always the Yuletide Season, and you need a costume to reflect that. Matching gingerbread men costumes will have your family strolling down the streets looking like a small army delivering Christmas cheer. No naysayers can dampen these spirits.  

For the sports fans, your favorite team is your life, your mood swings dramatically depending on how they do on any given day. Some people try to tell you it’s just a game, but it’s not, it’s a lifestyle. For this Halloween a classy costume will be Lebron James and Kyrie Irving. It doesn’t matter than Lebron and Kyrie are on different teams now, because they’re still family at heart, just like your strange uncle.  

Now the hardest group, the angsty teenagers. You’re an individual, a lone wolf, separate from your parents. You still need a costume, but you aren’t sure what represents you. Let me tell you, Pennywise the Clown is a perfect idea. Your other relatives dress up as the kids of the IT film, tying the look together. The dark and evil demon represents your innermost feelings, and the rest of the family is against you, just like normal.  

For the adventurous and experimentive group, you are a family who will try anything for the sake of it, no matter what people will think of you. This gives you the freedom to wear whatever you want, without shame or fear. This year is the time to wear those way-too-small Cupid costumes that’ve been sitting in your closet forever. This is your chance to be a tight knit family and spread a little love on a cold Halloween night.  

And finally, for the intellectual families. The brains of the neighborhood, you impress everybody with your IQs, but fall short with drab, unimpressive Halloween costumes. It’s time to step up your game and get back to the top of the class. Changing it up from the basic nerd costumes, this year get creative and transform into 1970’s hippies. Everyone will be shocked by your family’s radical sense of style and people will come to you for costume advice in the future, just like they did for homework back in high school.  

With that we conclude our suggestions, and hope they were helpful. Halloween is the most difficult time of year for some people if they can’t decide on a costume. The Talisman is dedicated to helping out these poor lost souls in their quest to find a perfect outfit. Have a Happy Halloween readers!