Varsity Wrestling


Adam Cines

Sometimes the quietest people have the most to say.  And sometimes the least ostentatious people have the most to show. That’s how it is with the Towson High School varsity wrestling team. A group of students that are more like brothers than teammates, the Towson wrestling team has a lot to show, but you won’t find them bragging or boasting about how amazing they are.

On the mats this season, you’ll see a few returning members to the varsity team, but most of the lineup is patched together with new faces. “We are a growing team this season with some trouble filling all the weight classes. We are relying on numerous first year wrestlers to fill varsity spots just to create a full lineup,” said junior Sam Shrestha.

Putting together a wrestling lineup is akin to solving an intricate puzzle. One has to consider the weight, the matchup, and the health of each wrestler. Sometimes wrestlers will have to wrestle up a weight class, just so every spot in the lineup is filled.

“… this year we have a very young team. There are some freshman that are even starting on varsity this year and that usually never happens, but that means our team is gonna be really good in a couple of years,” said senior Bryce Gordon. Having a young team can be a good thing. It means the older wrestlers have a chance to mentor the newer ones, and it gives a core group of individuals that can be with the team for the next four years.

So what exactly is the Towson Varsity wrestling team going to show you this year? The answer is toughness, hard work, and dedication. And the wrestling team will display their toughness on the mats, because they practice it every day. Running stairs and sprinting hallways are expected tasks of every wrestler. But, these men don’t cower at the struggle; they thrive on it. “I like wrestling because it teaches you how to be tough. No other sport is like that in the school,” said Gordon.

Having to bust your butt every day is just part of the sport, but busting it with a team as tight as the wrestling team makes it more than bearable. “I’m drawn to wrestling for the camaraderie, and a chance to prove myself in the toughest sport at Towson High School,” finished Shrestha.