Winter Sports Coaches View On The Upcoming Season

Glenn Young and Sam Beatty

Recently, Talisman writer Glenn Young met with Towson’s 2018-2019 winter sports coaches in hopes of seeing what truly goes into making championship caliber teams. Here is what these coaches had to say:


Ryan Holzman, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

Q- “Last year the basketball team had a breakthrough season, recording their first playoff victory in several years. What has changed in the program, and can we expect the same success this year?”

A- “We most definitely expect the success to continue, seeing as most of the key contributors¬†are returning this year… One thing I believe in is putting players in the best possible position to succeed.”


Kristan Courtiney Jacobs, Co-Ed Varsity Cheerleading Coach

Q- “What qualities do you look for when assembling a cheerleading team?”

A- “I look for cheerleaders who are willing to try new things, and for cheerleaders who are exciting and energetic.”

Q- “What advice would you give someone trying to cheer for the first time?”

A- “I would tell people to have fun and don’t give up. Cheerleading is hard work, but it always pays off.”


Gil Stange, Varsity Boys, and Girls Indoor Track and Field Coach

Q- “Do you expect last year’s success with the team to continue into this years season?”

A- “Yes, we have some pretty strong runners returning from last year.”

Q- “What qualities do members of the track and field team have that enable them to compete at such a high level?”

A- “The most important trait is discipline. [Track and field members] have to do what they’re supposed to do when working on their own, such as practice, work out and continue to get better.”


Jon Salvino, JV Girls Basketball Coach

Q- “The girl’s basketball team has been extremely successful recently. What does it mean to you to be joining a program of continued success?”

A- “It is a very exciting opportunity indeed… This team is extremely smart and hardworking, I look forward to being part of this great team.”

Q- “What advice would you give to someone trying out for the team?”

A- “Preparation is key…¬†It is very important to stay in shape during the offseason and to give your best effort during tryouts… make sure to show the coaches what you can and will bring to the team.”