JV Girls Basketball Win Again — Off the Court

JV Girls Basketball Win Again -- Off the Court

Lauren Spielman

The JV Girls Basketball team had a successful season with a record of nine wins and five losses, but it’s not only on the court where the girls continue their winning streaks.  Playing sports has been beneficial to their academic endeavors by boosting their grades, GPAs, and tests scores.

Finding the time to focus on both sports and school is not always a simple task for the team. “It’s kind of difficult to balance both,” says sophomore Denae Douglas.  Taking part in sports and maintaining grades may be difficult, but studies show that participating in athletics actually improves grades.

“Fifteen hours of practice a week, three hours each day,” says sophomore Daija Fitchett. Although these long practice hours leave little time for homework, the players still earn favorable GPAs and increased standardized test scores.

In order to be academically successful, significant time still must be set aside for the players to focus on their education. “I’m a student athlete,” emphasizes Daija. “School always comes first.”  Winning a game is the result of many hours of practice, but success at school requires dedication to homework and studying. The balance of team and school life allows the JV Girls Basketball team to excel on and off the court.