The perfect decorations for this holiday season!

Do you know what time it is? It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time of year when all can enjoy the glorious festivities. The rush of shopping endless hours, and spending quality time with friends and family says it all. Speaking of shopping, here are some of the must haves every house should have for the holiday season. 

  1. Christmas lights, nothing says Christmas without a sparkle of lights all around the house. You could decorate the front of your house with outdoor lights, or you could even decorate your room with lights going all around it. Either way nothing says Christmas without that ray of colorful lights.
  2. Decorate your fireplace! Add that shiny stream of décor on top of the fireplace. To top it off add those red, green, and white stockings.  
  3. Adding dining room table decorations the way to go if you want to accentuate the tree and fireplace decorations. By adding the right table cloth and candles, you will have the perfect holiday themed family room.  
  4. Nothing says Christmas like a warm and welcoming wreath. In order to give your house that Christmas vibe even before entering the front door, put up a wreath that will match the theme inside of your house. Don’t make the wreath an extravagant color that wouldn’t match any of your other decorations inside. A wreath should follow a color scheme that not only portrays the Christmas spirit, but also one that gives you and your family the true meaning of Christmas. 
  5. The last and most important decoration of them all is of course the Christmas tree.  Make sure your Christmas tree has the right balance of colorful ornaments. Don’t overdo the amount of ornaments. The ornaments look better if they are spread out and have the essential holiday colors such as silver, gold, green, and red. The ornaments on the tree should reflect the color scheme of your fireplace and dining room table decorations, just so there is a balance of themes throughout the main floor of your house.