Netflix: Is It Still The Superior Streaming Service?

Netflix became the most popular streaming service in 1997 when it introduced a new way to watch popular shows and movies. At the time, people were used to watching content with scheduled programming with very few options. With Netflix came the option to order a movie or show and watch it in your own time. People were able to have a more relaxing experience while watching their favorite shows and movies. Netflix has developed into an online streaming service where watching any film is at your fingertips and you don’t even have to leave your room. As time has gone on, other streaming platforms have gained popularity such as Hulu or HBO Max.
The increase in different streaming platforms has caused a high amount of competition between them all. Competition can range from popularity, prices, and what they have to offer. As Netflix was one of the first successful streaming services, many of its users have been using it since it first came out. Many Netflix users struggle to remain loyal to Netflix as it begins to increase harsh rules and regulations that its users must follow.
The main problem that people are upset about is the ‘Primary Location’ rule. This new update states that the Netflix user must place a primary that the Netflix account must stream. Anyone who lives at the stated address may use the Netflix account, but anyone who does not must pay an additional fee to stream. This has become a very upsetting situation for the numerous families who have children or families living at another location. A prime example of this is college students. College students may be living in another state or on their school campus and then have to pay more just to use their family’s Netflix account. The reason that Netflix initiated this rule is to cut back on password sharing between subscribers outside the initial home.
Another aspect that is upsetting people is the rule about logging in every 31 days. In this rule, users have to log into the Netflix account on each device signed up every 31 days and be connected to the Wi-Fi at the primary location as well. If a device does not do this, it will be blocked. The main problem with this is that it defeats the purpose of the comfortability of the streaming service Netflix invented. The point of having the streaming service of your choice is that you don’t have to go through this complicated process to watch your favorite movies and shows. Netflix is starting to become another draining process for users, and many are threatening to quit their subscriptions because they don’t want another hoop to jump through.
The simplicity and easiness of Netflix are being struck down, and people have a lot to say. The Twitch streamer, Hasan Piker, said that “The only reason I don’t pirate every show like I used to is the convenience of using a shared family Netflix acc, even this kind of slight inconvenience is enough for me to just use free streaming services (pirated) – its one google search away”, and many have similar thoughts to this.
These upsetting updates have given other platforms the chance to get more subscribers and they are grateful for the opportunity. Will Netflix survive this surge of upset fans? Will another streaming service take the title of the most used stream?