Massive Offseason QB Moves


This offseason, many mega deals have happened involving the QB position. The trend of the QBs moving teams has been going on for many seasons now. Deshaun Wattson, Carson Wentz, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Matthew Stafford, Russell Wilson, and Jared Goff are all examples of QBs moving in recent years. But this year, QBs are moving and more are signing mega deals. The biggest and most anticipated move was Aaron Rodgers being traded to the New York Jets. The long-time Packer, after lots of voiced displeasure with Green Bay, is out. For the Jets, this is an all or nothing. Last year the Jets were a good team except for their offense. And their bad offense was headlined from awful play from their QB Zach Wilson. If they had even decent QB play, they would’ve probably made the playoffs. Rodgers would definitely provide more than decent play. There are doubts after a less than impressive 2022, but Rodgers is one of the greatest players to ever throw a football and I would not bet against him.

There were also players that signed extensions with their teams. First was the Eagles signing Jalen Hurts to a mega deal. A 5-year $255 million deal, which at the time was the biggest deal in NFL history. The Eagles were a holding call away from winning the Super Bowl last year and look to run it back. Hurts has more than proved himself after an MVP caliber season leading the Birds to the Super Bowl. Eagles GM Howie Roseman has gone on an unbelievable redemption arc over the past years. A few years ago, he was clowned for his draft choices and people wanted him gone. But now he has built an unbelievable roster with amazing trades and draft picks. Drafting Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith to shore up their defense and adding RB De’Andre Swift to replace Miles Sanders is outstanding. The Eagles will be a powerhouse for years to come.

Hurts did have the largest contract ever, but now that title belongs to Lamar Jackson. The Ravens finally gave in and paid Lamar Jackson. And he got paid handsomely. The Ravens and Jackson agreed to a 5-year $260 million contract. While this is probably overpaying by a lot, the Ravens didn’t really have a choice. Lamar is the Ravens and without him, this season and seasons after would be an absolute nightmare. While the Ravens avoided poverty, they might’ve just trapped themselves into purgatory. The Ravens couldn’t get any weapons before, and with this massive contract they might not have the cap space to pursue any weapons. Not to mention Lamar’s injury history which is very concerning. You cannot afford to have the guy you’re paying $260 million to only play 10 games a season. But the Ravens really didn’t have a choice so it’s understandable. This upcoming season will be a very exciting one to watch. Will these big contracts pay off? Will Aaron Rodgers lead the Jets? Will Russell Wilson bounce back? Will the Bills get over their playoff woes? There are so many narratives that will be very fun to watch.