Alabama stuns Georgia as Crimson Tide Score Walk off Touchdown in Overtime


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

Burke Harman, Staff Writer

The Bulldogs were up 13-0 at half, and 20-7 late in the third, but it was Nick Saban who pulled something no one thought he would.  He took out starting quarterback Jalen Hurts and replaced him with true freshman Tua Tagovailoa, who led the Crimson Tide back. Tagovailoa dropped a 41-yard dime in the hands to Devonta Smith for the 26-23 win in overtime to cap off the comeback win in style. 

If Nick Saban had not already cemented himself as the greatest coach of all time, he certainly has now. Taking out your sophomore quarterback who has gone 26-2 in his time as the starter and replacing him with a true freshman who had not seen any meaningful action all year was a gutsy move that clearly was the right one. This secures Saban his 6th total National title and 5 in the last 10 years.  

Kirby Smart and the Bulldogs were oh-so-close, as they really did let it slip right out of their hands, shutting out the Tide in the first half and not being able to close the deal. Smart, who was Saban’s former defensive coordinator at Alabama for 7 years, left for his alma mater, Georgia. He brought Georgia to the National Championship in just his second season behind true freshman quarterback Jake Fromm. But the Bulldogs could not hang on as the Crimson Tide proved to be the better, more experienced team in the end.  

In what was a truly gut-wrenching loss for Georgia, was a spectacular victory for the Tide, one they will be celebrating in Tuscaloosa for a very long time. Tua Tagovailoa is not just a National Champion, but a Bama legend for years to come.  

Now the question heading into next year, is Tua Tagovailoa the Heisman front runner?