Five Exceptional Halloween Costume Ideas

Nicholas Wynn , Staff Writer



Halloween is just around the corner, and many poor souls just can’t make up their minds on what to dress up as this season. If you’re one of these unfortunate individuals fret no longer! Here are five original costume ideas to save yourself from the trap of boring drab.

  1. Classic Tetris Piece

This timeless classic gives off a style few costumes can parallel. This iconic bad boy will rack up the popularity as person after person will just beg to have their picture taken with you. If you want to wow your peers with something out of the box this costume is a must-have

2. “S” Tetris piece

If you
really want a change of pace with costume this Halloween season, the Tetris “S” piece is a perfect option. True to the aesthetic with the vibrant green color, anyone will be impressed by this fine getup. That is, as long as you don’t spook ‘em first!

green-tetris3. “L” Tetris Piece

Disclaimer: This costume is only for those tall enough to handle! So look out, you shorties! Jokes aside, any Blockie you come across while wearing this outfit will be blown away farther than Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz! But this costume is much more eye-catching than usual old Dorothy will ever be.




4. “Block” Tetris Piece

As this big, burly Tetris piece, goofuses won’t even think about trying to mess with you! Whether you’re in the friendliest of suburbs or most threatening of boonies, no one will give you any trouble in this hard-hitting apparel. If there was a Randy Savage of Halloween costumes, this would be it, no doubt about it.








5. Long Tetris Piece

You know I have to save the best for last! Some can make arguments about the valor of the characters the other costumes represent, but this last costume cannot be disputed. The Long Tetris Piece is the honorable hero anyone should be honored to emulate. While less flashy than the other costumes mentioned, real Blockies will give you kind, gratifying nods, as they know what has been done for them. You should know what has been done for you



Well, there you have it! Five costume ideas sure to make Halloween 2016 a blast!