Leonardo Winning an Oscar is the End of the World

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Leonardo Winning an Oscar is the End of the World

Marcus Shaw

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The night of the Oscars was going according to plan until the winner for Best Actor was announced.

The Academy issued an apology on February 29th the day after the Oscars were televised for the world to see. They were forced to apologize because of the public backlash that was the result of an Oscar being handed to Leonardo DiCaprio.

The world ruptured into chaos as a result of this Oscar controversy. All around the country people exploded out of their chairs into a furious screaming match at their televisions. Husbands consoled their wives as they cried in sheer disbelief at the sight of Leonardo’s acceptance speech. Children questioned the world and life as they knew it. Some troubled souls hurled themselves out of their windows to escape a world in which Leonardo DiCaprio earned an Oscar.

A mother who vehemently insisted that she remain anonymous had this to say, “It was just too much to handle. The Oscar’s ruined everything that we hold dear by giving Leonardo the Oscar. I mean what am I going to tell my kids?” Another anonymous source stated, “This is the worst thing that could have ever possibly happened.”

As a fellow Leonardo DiCaprio enthusiast, I can understand why people were upset. Leonardo was quite deserving of the hardware. But that is the problem. He was so deserving of an Oscar that it became one of the most interesting situations recorded in history.

We were content with him not winning an Oscar because knew that the lack of an Oscar would keep him hungry and force him to continuously top himself for the Oscar. Now that he’s won it we don’t know how hungry he will be and it is possible that the world has lost one of the greatest actors in history.

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