Nuclear Fusion: Infinite Energy or Impossible?


Over the past few decades, nuclear fusion, originally a process only possible in sci-fi books, has become increasingly plausible. Seeing as the only place in the universe this process occurs is in the centers of stars, and its necessity for 100s of millions of degrees (F) to occur on Earth, it has usually been disregarded by most as a possibility even in the far future. But with hundreds of billions of dollars and the work of dozens of brilliant scientists from all over the world, the path to nuclear fusion has overcome hurdle after hurdle.

According to an article written by the Washington Post in August of 2022, nuclear fusion could be just years away from finally making its debut on Earth. Though claims like these have been around for decades, at no time in history have so many advancements been made, and never so much money spent. With the U.S spending around 700 million a year, not including military investments and other possible sources, and other countries, companies and organizations such as the EU spending almost 7 billion dollars on a reactor, global spending is only going up.

The invention of nuclear fusion on earth could be like a modern-day renaissance. With the ability to create an almost inexhaustible source of clean and safe energy, nuclear fusion could be the answer to some of the most pressing problems humanity is encountering. But not only would nuclear fusion benefit all of humanity, but it would also directly impact you. It would create new avenues for electricity creation, and we could create more than we could ever before. This would lower electricity bills, a matter of increasing importance, seeing as almost everything is turning electric, from cars, to heating and so much more. Nuclear fusion would lower the cost of living drastically. Not only this, but it would also allow governments, not just federal, but also state and local to redistribute money previously spent on energy to other things, like public service projects, lowered taxes, and an all-out better economy, something that benefits us all. Additionally, nuclear fusion would have the added benefit of safety; no longer will disasters like Chernobyl or Fukushima be a possibility, and nuclear fission reactors might be able to be fully phased out.

All in all, I find that even with all of the problems going on in the world right now, I find that projects like nuclear fusion demonstrate the resilience of humanity, and our inherent ability to solve any problem that comes our way.