10 of the Strangest Ways People Have Died

There are bizarre events that happen every day, and some of those things that happen include strange deaths. Here are some of the strangest ways that people have died:

1) Too Much Laughter

In 1975, a man passed away due to heart failure. When he was watching the Kung Fu Kapers episode of The Goodies, he continuously laughed for 25 minutes and fell dead on the sofa. His widow sent a letter to The Goodies for making his final moments pleasant.

2) Daredevil Tricks

Bobby Leach was a stunt performing daredevil; he was the second person to go over Niagara Falls in a metal barrel in 1911. This stunt landed him in the hospital for 6 months recovering from injury’s including two broken kneecaps and a fractured jaw. He also performed other stunts such as swimming in whirlpool rapids. Sadly, in 1926, he slipped on an orange peel walking down the street and fell, which injured his leg and became infected with gangrene. He died shortly after.

3) Dynamite Driving

In 1996, a bored and intoxicated couple went on a midnight drive to cure their boredom, except in order to make it a bit more exciting, they decided to bring a couple sticks of dynamite with them. Their idea was to throw the lighted sticks out the window, but due to their state they forgot to roll down the car windows. This incident killed the driver and put his wife in a critical condition.

4)  Soup

In 2012, an 88-year-old woman entered the hospital after having a stroke. She died of a pulmonary embolism when the hospital workers accidentally injected her with soup instead of putting it into her feeding tube.

5) Too Long of a Beard

Hans Steininger an Austrian man was famous for having the world’s longest beard. In 1567, there was a fire in his town and caught up in the haste of escaping, he forgot to roll up his beard. Hans accidentally stepped on his beard causing him to lose his balance, fall, and break his neck.

6) Too Many Gifts

A man named Draco was the first Legislator of Athens in Ancient Greece and he was known for his extreme harshness. In the 7th century B.C. Draco died when he was smothered by a downpour of cloaks, hats, and shirts thrown at him as gifts by his supporters.

7) Beer Flood

In 1814 the Meux and Company Brewery had large vats of beer that ruptured and rushed into the street of Tottenham Court Road. 322,000 gallons in total flooded the town. This caused 8 deaths due to drowning in the beer or injuries. This incident is referred as the London Beer Flood.

8)   Volcano Jumping

Empedocles was a well-known philosopher and scientist. He threw himself into an active volcano to make his believers think his body had vanished and he turned into an immortal god. What he had not planned was that the volcano spit out one of his bronze sandals which revealed his actions.

9) Tongue Bite

Allan Pinkerton was the founder of the Pinkerton detective agency. In 1884, he tragically died after slipping on the pavement and severely biting down on his tongue. Due to this bite, his tongue got infected with gangrene and resulted in his death.

10) Stubbed Toe

One morning in 1911, the famous Tennessee whiskey distiller Jack Daniels kicked his office safe in anger because he could not remember the combination. The kick was so powerful it resulted in an infection to his toe, leading to blood poisoning, and ultimately his death. His last words were “One last drink, please.”