Start of the Winter Sports Season


Now that the Fall sports season has ended, Winter sports has started, and with it a plethora of interesting sports teams to join. With girls and mixed cheerleading (varsity), boys and girls basketball (varsity and JV), boys wrestling (varsity and JV), boys and girls indoor track (varsity) and mixed bocce, the Winter season has a lot of sports to bring to the table. And though fan-favorite spectator sports like football and soccer have ended, one can look forward to going to events for basketball, indoor track, and many others.

With deadlines to sign up for teams ending soon, decisions have to be made. Sports like basketball are great picks for people who like team sports, while wrestling can be a great choice for anyone who enjoys challenging and depending on themselves to win bouts. Other sports like indoor track can also be great picks for people who like to challenge themselves, and though it can be competitive, it is also a great way to get healthier and compete against yourself. Bocce can also be a great pick for people who, similarly basketball, like more skill related sports.

Personally, I will be joining indoor track, as it is a great opportunity to have fun with friends, while also improving your time and seeing progress against yourself. Though other sports like wrestling and basketball would also be interesting picks, as they allow you to improve in a more competitive environment.

All in all, I think that joining a sports team is a great choice, and with the start of winter sports coming up very soon, there is no better time to finally join one. And with that being said, I wish you all the best of luck in your chosen sports and know that you won’t regret joining one.