The Importance of High School Sports

The Importance of High School Sports

As you know, sports are a crucial part of high school; many events, topics, and opportunities revolve around high school sports. Sports can benefit a student socially as well as physically/mentally.

Sports are extremely beneficial when it comes to socialization. Being on a team comes with big responsibilities such as trust, cooperation, and respect. Trying out for a team can be extremely stressful and that’s why socializing is important. You’re going outside of your comfort zone to go after something you are passionate about and it’s helpful when you have other people by your side along the way. That being said, sports can introduce you to new people who may end up being your new best friend or even just a friendly face in class. Sports are known to raise levels of confidence and self-esteem as well. Being around such an extroverted group of active people can easily push you to new heights and perspectives.

I asked two Towson High students how playing their school sport has impacted them socially and/or physically and here are their responses: “It has opened myself up to many different people and opportunities and motivated me to stay in shape and work out”- Student on the JV football team.

“High school soccer has impacted me socially because I have met lots of new people from different grades. I met lots of good friends, and even built stronger connections with previous friends.” – Student on the boys’ varsity soccer team.

Recently Towson High School has had their yearly homecoming week. Homecoming recognizes fall sports and brings the school together to support the teams. Towson had a homecoming dance and pep rally that brought students together to cheer on the fall teams and show school spirit.

Playing sports in high school can also impact physical/mental health in student athletes. Sports keep you in shape, benefit bone strength, keep the brain active, and provide a mental boost that improves cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness. Dr. Steve Amaro from the CMMA says that student athletes can achieve long term benefits if they continue to practice after graduation, such as:

1: “a stronger sense of self-confidence in building relationships with others and having an expanded capacity for empathy”

2: “developing a better understanding of self and in so doing understanding how their actions affect others”

3: “building foundations of lifelong fitness habits.”

All in all, playing sports in high school can benefit one greatly whether we are talking about social aspects, health, and more.