Why Time Management and Deadlines are Important

Aria Taylor

With the 2018-2019 school year ending, it means deadlines. Students don’t understand the importance of time management and prioritizing things. But it’s not just school work its real-life problems too.  

If you see a situation happening and then get informed about it, take action right then and there. If it’s important you won’t keep it to yourself, you will address it right when you get notified. No sense in waiting months to finally address something. Considering everything in life has a lesson and no matter the situation you learn and move on from it with time. That also goes for school work/work in general. 

Prioritizing your time isn’t just about you but if you don’t feel like doing your work then but asking for it all at the end of the year it isn’t fair to your teacher because it puts more stress on them. Also, if your boss isn’t doing their job because they can’t prioritize their time it reflects badly on the company, but you shouldn’t blame yourself for that. 

If you want to lead, then you need to know time management. Whether it be making a journal, putting reminders in your phone, asking friends to come over for a study session, make study guides, or even plan out your day to fit in everything you need. Most importantly ask for help and take action. Getting older doesn’t mean the stress goes away it just becomes more to bear with. But anything can be done if you want it to be. 

In the end time management and prioritizing is important not just for your future but for everyone around you. Taking into accountability of other people and not just yourself. One day it might come back to haunt you!