Disaster on Live TV

Susannah Lehr, Staff Writer

On the evening of February 5th, President Trump delivered his 2019 State of the Union Address to the public. Despite his promises to work together with both the Republican and Democratic parties, the president continuously shot down immigration issues and previous policies of the country. 

Trump repeatedly indicates that he wants a more “culturally rich” nation. How can this happen if we’re forcing out thousands of immigrants? Instead of transporting poor, disadvantaged immigrants out of the country, we should be granting them citizenship and allowing them to join our workforce. This would grow our economy and influence in society, which is what really matters in the world we live in. We are breaking up countless families with Trump’s policy. 

One of the president’s most famous quotes is “Welcome to America, now speak English.” Having a diverse culture means accepting different languages and lifestyles, so Trump is simply contradicting himself. 

Trump has also gotten rid of the Obamacare Individual Mandate Penalty, and openly criticizes the system. Obamacare is the reason my uncle was able to remain healthy, because it made it possible for my family to pay for his multiple medications. The Obamacare system has brought medical aid to families nationwide, but Trump refuses to recognize its benefits. This is a problem because denying help to struggling families is a huge red flag and could lead to a troubled future for this nation. 

The president describes our economy as “thriving like never before” and an “economic miracle.” This is what he sees from his comfortable seat in the White House, surrounded by staff ready to fulfill his every wish. But this is not an accurate representation of the country. Families with children are sleeping on the streets, not knowing where their next meal will come from. Our country is tied with Iceland for the top in the world of drug overdoses. The United States is ranked top 3 in the world for usage of cannabis, cocaine, opioids, prescription opioids, and prescription stimulants. Trump‘s view on our country is seriously altered from its true form. 

Yes, we are one of the strongest and most advanced countries in the world. But Trump’s address indicated that he lives in a fantasy world and if he doesn’t come back to reality soon, we could be headed in a very dark direction.