Spirit Week?

Caelinn Satterfield

Spirit week is normally exciting for the students at Towson High, but sadly this year’s attempt at a winter spirit week fell flat with little participation from the school.  

The week before winter break, SGA planned an exciting week filled with fun themes for every day, including holiday movie day, faculty look alike day, pajama day, ugly sweater day and flannel Friday. These themes seemed perfect to get everyone excited for the break coming at the end of the week. 

However, this spirit week was lacking in excitement. Few students participated, and the students that did kept things simple, blending in with those who didn’t take any part. When the Talisman Staff went out to take pictures for the week, they found few people showing their spirit. The number of pictures accurately reflected the success of the week.  

The day that had the most participation was pajama day, mainly because students could just get out of bed and go to school in what they were wearing.  

It is not surprising that there was little participation. At this point in the year, students are rushing to get work turned in before break and studying for tests scheduled right before. Students are worn out and distracted and have little time to be concerned about dressing up for spirit week. 

One of the main reasons that fall spirit week has so much participation is that homecoming is at the end of the week. As the week goes by the students get more and more excited for the pep rally, homecoming football game, and the dance. Without an event like this at the end of the week, there is no excitement building for the students.