Best Song Requests for Prom 2019


Glenn Young , Staff Writer

Prom is one of the best times of year to show off your musical taste to your peers. You want to be sure to make the correct song request so that your classmates don’t think you’re a dork.

“I asked for the wrong song (Mo Bamba) at Jprom and now everyone hates me,” testifies Milo Fisher, 12.

Don’t be like Milo. Be sure to have your musical taste down well before the night of the big dance.

As a general rule of thumb, 2012 pop is usually the way to go. Starships and Call Me Maybe are both great options that fit well at any time during the dance. Gangnam Style is another viable option if you find yourself bored at any time.

Of course, not every song can be upbeat. Hello by Adele is a great song to slow down the tempo and catch your breath before resuming the fun with totally epic songs such as Sicko Mode.

To end the night, there are a lot of options. Any Katy Perry song is a safe call, but if you want to be a true savage, we suggest you request some 80’s heavy metal. Sure, it’s risky, but your class will appreciate your guts.

“Requesting Welcome to the Jungle last year greatly increased my clout,” stated Jake Guttman, “I highly recommend this move.”