State of the Union Address: Success or Failure?


President Donald Trump’s state of the union address allowed for compromising efforts between Democrats and Republicans. His speech declared for a border wall insisting on national security, a release of the United State’s nuclear deal with the Middle East and North Korea, and a stronger economy. In other words, Trump is looking into building his stainless-steel wall to protect our country from illegal aliens,  drugs, sexual violent crimes, and many more. Congress, on the other hand, is refusing to pass the bill even after the compromise efforts both the President and the Democrats agreed to. The Democrats have until Friday to pass this bill. Failure to sign this bill could lead to another government shutdown. Both parties are not looking forward to another government shutdown, for the Democrats don’t want to keep innocent people out of work, and the Republicans just want this bill to be passed.

In other remarks, the President has discussed reaching a bipartisanship agreement between him and the Democrats with issues that divide them, such as illegal immigration, abortion, health care and more. By reaching this agreement, he believes that he will be able to get more done in Congress regarding passing laws and bills. Whereas there are topics that both sides don’t agree on, there are also topics that they do agree on such as infrastructure. Democrats are looking to pass a bill on infrastructure, and the President is eager to work with them to deliver legislation for new infrastructure investment.

Currently, on the issue regarding prescription drugs, the Democrats and Republicans remain divided. Donald Trump stated “The next major priority for me, and for all of us, should be to lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs- and to protect patients with pre-existing conditions. It is unacceptable that Americans pay vastly more than people in other countries for the exact same drugs, often made in the exact same place.” Overall, both parties agree that the US citizens and citizens of other countries should pay the same amount. Where they remain divided is how they proceed to make changes to this current law.  The President wants to pass a bill overarching the same price for all prescription drugs globally. In other words, in other countries where prescription drugs that are the exact same as the US are sold for less, he would make sure there is equal pricing for all. Whereas Democrats want to pass a policy proposal allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, creating a federal investigator to crack down price gouging, and requiring transparency for drug price increases.

Overall, the President’s speech outlined a change that needs to be met among both parties, regarding current issues. The President believes that unifying the nation regarding many issues that we are divided on, will allow him to gain acceptance in Congress and get his desired jobs done. There were a lot of things to take away from President Trump’s speech, but one vast importance was the call for both parties to compromise and establish good relations to further advance how we proceed to succeed as a nation.