Hottest Spots for Winter in Maryland


Milo Fisher , Staff Writer

The winter season is rapidly approaching, as are all the things that your girlfriend forces you to go to. Here’s my list of top 4 things that are the best possible landing spots for you and your girl this winter season. 

#4   The Downtown Partnership Monument Lighting 

Starting our list off at number 4, the Monument lighting truly does represent the beginning of the holiday season in downtown Baltimore. The 47th annual Monument Lighting will take place on Thursday, December 6th. The event is one night only and will take place from 5-8pm in the Mt. Vernon Place. The West part of the park will be turned into a place for food and community vendors, featuring hot spots such as BricknFire Pizza Co, Nando’s Peri Peri, and much more. 

#3     Skiing at Wisp Resort 

It’s a quick 2-and-a-half-hour drive to the most exhilarating slopes in Maryland at Wisp Resort. Skiing for a weekend can provide the true winter spirit in calm western Maryland frigid climate. With 7 different lifts and over 20 different trails, the wisp resort offers a nice getaway where you can enjoy the outdoors as much as your girlfriend will enjoy posting Instagram pictures of you together on the top of the mountain. 

#2    Ice Skating at Pandora Rink  

The Inner Harbor has tons of things to do in the summer, like paddleboats, outdoor activities, and more. However, one of the best activities in downtown Baltimore is skating around the ice rink with your girlfriend. Just a short light rail ride or drive from Towson, the Pandora Rink is lit up at night to give off the feel of a trip to Rockefeller Rink in New York. 

#1 M&T Bank Stadium (For A Ravens game) 

If your girlfriend is cool enough where she’ll let you take her out to a sporting event, the Ravens game could be the best possible option where you can truly kick back and enjoy the game with your girl. Not all girlfriends would be completely happy with the idea of sitting through a football game, but if you’re able to sell the idea to her, this could definitely be the optimal situation for any Ravens loving junkie. 

So when your girlfriend is trying to drag you out of the house this winter, these are your top options when you’re looking for places to go.