Finding the Perfect Tree

Susannah Lehr , Staff Writer

As Christmas time quickly approaches, it’s time to pick out one of the most important elements of the holiday. Here are several easy steps that can be taken to ensure that you find the ideal tree for your home.

  1. Take Measurements

You want to make sure that you are aware of how much space you have in your home; specifically, how high the ceilings are. This will be important when you are picking a size. If your tree is too tall, it could scrape up your ceiling.

  1. Find a Place to get it

Deciding where to get your tree can be difficult, because of the abundance of options. Several excellent tree sellers are Chapel Hills Farm and Nursery, St. Pius X Church, and Weber’s Cider Mill Farm. These locations have hundreds of pre-cut trees to pick from and many kinds of trees. At St. Pius, lots of volunteers are there to help you choose, prepare, and ie down your tree.

  1. Decide on a Type

Each kind of tree is different. Some of the most common Christmas tree types are Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, and Blue Spruce. Douglas firs have strong branches for ornaments and are dark brown. Fraser firs have a very strong scent and upward-leaning branches. Blue spruces have a perfect Christmas Tree shape and are very pretty, but also bear sharp, pointy needles.

Make sure that any tree you choose has needles that firmly hold onto the branches because otherwise your house will be covered in them.

  1. Taking it Home

Once you have your tree, you must get it home. If you are planning to buy a larger tree, a larger car is recommended. Also, make sure you have a functioning Christmas Tree stand at home to put it in. Many people also like to use a tree skirt—a pretty cloth that surrounds the base of the tree.

  1. Decorate

Themes for a tree can make it look more pleasing. Decorations can be silver and blue, gold and yellow, or just simply rainbow. A combination of lights and ornaments make a tree sparkle. When you have visitors at your house, they’ll be amazed by your tree. If the decorations are especially vibrant, neighbors and passerby will have the pleasure of seeing them through your front window.

Once you’ve completed these five steps, you will have a wonderful Christmas tree to remind you of the holidays.