Avoiding Stress Around the Holidays


Kayla Tingley, Staff Writer

When you come of a certain age, the holidays turn from a happy-go-lucky time to a whirlwind blizzard nightmare. Here are five ways you can TRY to decrease that stress, just a little.

Number 1) Buy presents for the people you hate first.
Let’s face it, no one likes buying presents for people you don’t like or don’t know. So, get it out of the way. When in doubt, go with a gift card. Or socks.

Number 2) Get your answers ready.
Okay, when family comes into town, they come with an anticipated grilling session. “How are your grades?” “Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?” You could just tell them to mind their business, but coming up with your answers ahead of time could help your mental state.

Number 3) Decide what you’re wearing the day before.
Wherever you’re going for holidays, lay out your best outfit, or best eating pants. Because not having something to wear the night before is the most annoying thing ever. But if you choose to wear eating pants to a nice event, you do you!

Number 4) Get your work done before the last day.
Unfortunately, students must go back to school after winter break, so make sure to get your work done. Even if it’s stupid to work for a boring class or your five AP classes you chose to take. But try and enjoy your time off.

Number 5) Don’t stress about your time.
“Break” is called a “break” for a reason. Relax. Don’t feel as though you must be doing something all the time over the holidays. Students stress so badly over  school, so let your mind be at rest.  Sleep the day away, wake up at 3 pm, and binge watche a horrible show.

Happy Holidays!