Cheerleaders, the Backbone of the Game


Sohei Matsui

Rock with maroon, and roll with the white! The Towson High School Cheerleaders are here! The dynamic, spirited, and lively girls are in season all year round to represent the intensity of the Towson Generals. In the heated moments of games and matches, the cheerleaders provide the backbone to keep the crowd and team in control.

Led by junior captains Leeanah McNew and Andrea Faulkner, this energetic bunch of girls cheers for the football games, basketball games, and wrestling matches. The spring season is the training and recovery season when the cheerleaders prepare for the upcoming year by conditioning and working on new skills.

The highlights of the cheerleading year are the pep rally, homecoming game, and rivalry games such as the annual Generals vs. Lions basketball game. “We’re here to do our best to involve the crowd into the game. We love cheering and the crowd knows we’ll get them pumped after a half is over. Sometimes we throw towels to get people pretty excited,” Leeannah McNew explained.

During the pep rally on October 23rd, the cheerleaders stepped onto the football field, encouraging shouts and cheers for the sports teams, teachers, and school pride. A routine was also performed, and the cheerleaders exhibited an array of athletic movement and balance. They played a large role in running the pep rally and keeping the student body hyped.

When asked who the leader of the cheerleading squad was, Andrea Faulkner replied, “Leaders? We’re all leaders. A lot of us are able to easily help each other out and solve any problems or work any kinks out.” The cheerleaders confidently represent themselves during the games and in school, proudly presenting their uniforms and spirit to Towson High and other schools. “I think it’s pretty cool what the cheerleaders do. They add an extra atmosphere of spirit that our school could use. It gives us a greater sense of school culture and a more involved feeling when we’re watching a game,” said junior Callie Westerland.

Come out and support the Generals, both the sports teams and the cheering Generals at any winter sports event!