How Students Feel About the Kavanaugh Hearings

How the student body is reacting to the hearings, testimonies, and confirmation of supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh

Kayla Tingley, Promotional Editor

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What’s been happening with our government lately has been triggering emotions of anger and injustice among American citizens.  Men being brought forth to lead our men the that do not have the right to hold a position of power. Our student body is not afraid to voice their opinion on this controversial topic.  

When Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was selected by Donald Trump to become the nation’s next Supreme Court Justice, Dr. Christine Ford made the courageous decision to come forward as a woman who was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh back in high school.  

After a rushed FBI investigation, testimonies, and hearings, the Supreme Court voted to nominate Kavanaugh – after being known as a sexual assaulter. Dr. Ford did not initially come forward because of the backlash she would receive.  

Students across Towson High have been talking and debating about Kavanaugh and why he should or should not have been confirmed.  

THS junior Piper Jackson says she’s “disappointed and overall appalled at the outcome; however, I can’t say I’m surprised.”  

Senior Diko Duko says, “I’m appalled by the incompetence of these officials yet not surprised at the same time. People like Harvey Weinstein and Trump get away with this, so why not him? I had hoped, but now I’m like what’s the point of having hope anymore when they keep getting away with this?  But I still think there’s more good in the world than bad. And if enough of us go out and vote we could help implement some change.”  

Many students at Towson feel as though Kavanaugh should not have been elected but understand the fact that our world has come to normalizing sexual predators in office.  

As we come close to the November elections, our student body knows that in order to create real change, we need to vote. We struggle because some of us cannot vote yet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have things to say.  

“I just think that it’s honestly disgusting that he has female supporters. At this point after everything that’s going on in the media with similar cases, the world should be more aware of these problems,” says junior Mae Zingo.  

But overall, as students, we can make a difference.   

“Regardless of whether or not the allegations were true, the way that Kavanaugh handled himself in the court showed his immaturity and blatant disrespect for women. I do not believe that he is innocent and would feel personally ashamed if the congressmen representing me voted to appoint him to the court. This year has been one step forward and two steps back for women’s rights, but we will not stop fighting, says junior Hope Steger.  

It’s important to ensure that students voices are heard loud and clear, even if we can’t get out and vote.  

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