Homecoming 2018: What Needs to Change?

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Homecoming 2018: What Needs to Change?

Kayla Tingley

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The beginning of the school year is an exciting time for high school students. Upcoming spirit weeks, pep rally, and dances are whirl winding around the student body. At Towson High School, our upcoming homecoming dance is September 21st and tickets have just gone on sale.

This year the freshman class is around 500 students, which is the biggest freshman class THS has ever had.

But when it comes to homecoming, only 600 tickets are being sold. In a school populated with around 1,500 students, this is an in issue because not everyone can attend.

Towson’s administration has also placed a new rule this year which states that students cannot bring outside guests to the dance.

Students have a problem with the lack of ticket sales and inability to bring guest.

“My boyfriend was sad when I told him the news about the homecoming situation with guests; he already had his outfit picked out and expected to go to the dance with me. This was the best homecoming yet and I wish he could’ve been there to enjoy the moment,” said Autymn Epps, a Towson High senior.

When looking at the space in Towson’s building, it is understood that they must limit the amount of tickets.

But there could be better ways to go about it, such as limiting how many tickets each grade can get.
“A homecoming with no guests allowed me to mingle with my fellow classmates and have fun with them,” said senior Jessica Vaughn.

The SGA (Student Government Association) oversees school dances. To change things would require their involvement.

As a school we are thankful to have an opportunity to have school dances but making them fair is also an important part.

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