Homecoming Ticket Fiasco

Jack Bayne

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Coming into school on Wednesday, my brother and I were walking to our respective science classes at around 7:15. We approached the cafeteria, we found a behemoth of students waiting in line to purchase Homecoming tickets.At least 200 students were clogging the 1st floor hallway, preventing the Bayne brothers from getting to the science wing. We both agreed that this whole buzz around Homecoming was getting a bit out of hand. 

Now even though I will be attending the homecoming dance and purchasing the hefty $25 ticket, I am still outraged. I don’t think that these freshmen know how badly the SGA is ripping them off. Back in my day, the tickets cost a very reasonable $15.   

Tickets are selling like crazy and students like myself want to know if they will be able to attend the sweaty event. Over 200 tickets were sold on just the first day of the sales and there might not be a ticket for everyone, denying some hopeful students. Andrew Decker (12) bought a ticket the second day of sales, “I was very distraught about the length of the line, if I am going to pay $25 for a ticket I don’t really want to wait close to 30 minutes to buy the darn thing.” 

Kyle Sulkowski (12) was also outraged. I couldn’t make out much from the raged induced screaming but I did comprehend that the ticket price was the source of outrage. “I am livid; I can’t believe I am dropping this much dough on a ticket.” Needless to say he was mad. 

In conclusion, this whole ticket thing is honestly, getting out of hand. Will there be enough tickets for everyone? Make sure you go snag that coveted ticket before they run out. 

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