Liftmas: A Christmas Tradition


Photo taken by Towson High student Kyle Sulkowski

Jack Bayne, Staff Writer

It was December 13th and not a noise was heard throughout the YMCA in Towson, then out of nowhere a loud “bang!” Kyle Sulkowski dropped his deadlift bar, signaling the beginning of the 2017 Liftmas.  

“Liftmas” is the 12 days leading up to winter break, sort of mimicking the 12 Days of Christmas, but with lifting weights. This is the baseball team’s way of getting big for the season. 

Wasting no time at all, the baseball boys sprang into action, grabbing their dumbbells and pumping the iron, getting big. Liftmas founder and Towson High alumnus Nicholas Wynn, was very inspired to hear that the team was still carrying on the big gains tradition.  “The Liftmas tradition was carried onto Andrew Decker when I gave the Twitter account to him. I noticed a bit of controversy around the subject when Kyle came up to Decker in a C-4 induced rage and tried to steal the tradition from us.” 

Between the mixtures of lifting, racquet balling, and some baseball related activities, the Towson High baseball crew, new and old, are really putting the work in to make a splash this season. I also interviewed one of the new freshman who has burst onto the scene. Brady Bayne said,“I’m very hopeful this year. This is a great group of guys and I’m looking forward to continue these workouts.” 

But it’s not just about the workouts – it’s about the bonding, the comradery, but most importantly, it’s about the sport. Baseball, the sport that keeps the world spinin’, the game that gives life to people on every continent. 

That’s what the spirit of Liftmas is all about. It’s not about yourself, it’s about the betterment of others in the Towson High School family. Whether is two weighted push-ups, five hefty steaks, or even eight perfectly fielded ground balls, Liftmas can be celebrated in a variety of ways. We’re not just ballers, we’re not just meatheads – we’re a family. 

Liftmas, a lifestyle.  Now that Liftmas has long been over, let’s take a look back at the 12 days. 

1st Day: Kyle Sulkowski- A greeting from a Y employee 

2nd Day: Andrew Decker- Two weighted push-ups 

3rd Day: Jake Orendorff- Three zottman curls 

4th Day: Jack Saunders- Four racquetball bashes 

5th Day: Kyle Sulkowski- Five hefty steaks 

6th Day: Nick Testoni- Six sunken jump shots #twosportathlete 

7th Day: Nick Wynn- Seven weighted supine rows 

8th Day: Robert Brino- Eight fielded grounders 

9th Day: Jack Bayne- Nine triceps pulldowns 

10th Day- Andrew Decker- Ten barbell rollouts 

11th Day- A Y employee- Eleven spotted reps 

12th Day- The baseball bois- A triumphant Liftmas Finale