The Learning Season

The Learning Season

Nicole Race

When it came to team bonding, our JV Generals were pros this season. The girls worked hard on developing their softball skills as well as becoming a family. While the scores didn’t quite reflect their ability, the girls deemed this season as “the learning season.”

Sometimes in sports, things get too competitive and people forget to have fun. Our JV softball girls battled hard to keep a positive attitude and to try their best when they felt like giving up.

This season was spent working hard, training hard, and playing hard, but such a novice team couldn’t manage to get a win against the opposition. Gradually over the season, they learned to enjoy the game instead of worrying about the score.

Not only were the girls a tight team, they had a sense of humor. An April Fool’s prank was the most memorable part of the season. The prank involved a phone call to sophomore Morgan Herring’s mother about her fake arrest, which caused the girls’ stomachs to ache from laughing so hard. When all fifteen players tried to convince her that her daughter had been arrested, Mrs. Herring finally realized it was a prank and no punishments were given. “We thought we were going to get her in trouble,” says sophomore Amber Donawa. “She was a bit upset at first, but then laughed it off, which added to the funniness of our prank.” This prank built up a sense of camaraderie among the team.

The general consensus among the girls was that the season was a fun time to make new friends and to learn to play together as a unit. “We really developed over the season. It was fun to meet new freshmen and watch all of us grow as both teammates and friends,” says sophomore Taylor Butler. The freshman to sophomore ratio was a bit unbalanced, but the girls learned quickly to put aside their age differences and to buddy up.

The JV softball team was bummed to end the season without a win, but in the end they had a blast and their record was soon forgotten. With their heads still held high, the team is counting down the days until next year’s tryouts.