Taking on Dulaney: Towson JV Baseball


Nicholas Wynn

As the baseball season started, the returning sophomores found one specific goal that would be vital to the team’s success, and that goal was to defeat Dulaney high school’s JV team. And this year, the team was more prepared than ever.

After a pre-season of tough indoor workouts and strenuous repetition of fundamentals, the team found quick success at the beginning of the season, knocking off Loch Raven, Patapsco, and even the ever challenging Eastern Tech.

The team used these games as a boost for the first competition of the year against Dulaney. Momentum was in no shortage as the team came away with a key win against their rivals by a score of 6-1.

The players went into spring break on top of the world, holding a 4-0 record. “We really believed we were going to have an undefeated season and make history for the record books of Towson JV baseball,” freshman Jack Bayne claimed.

When the team came back from spring break, a bumpy road awaited them. This road started off with the Generals squaring off against the kings of the county, the Catonsville Comets. The game was a real nail-biter, and in the end Towson came up just short of getting the victory.

Shocked at the loss, the Generals knew they were the better team, but it just came down to who made fewer mistakes. “Some sloppy plays really gave the game away,” admitted sophomore George Turner.

The mistakes did not end that day either, as a tough stretch of games got the best of Towson’s JV team. An undefeated team became 4-3 in what seemed like an instant.

Despite their new record, the boys didn’t lose hope. They kept on fighting hard against every opponent they went on to play, including the Dulaney Lions at Dulaney. Kyle Sulkowski shared, “We knew the whole time we’d have that game. It was almost too easy!” The score of the final game against the Lions was 8-4 Towson.

After the victory against Dulaney, the team played like winners once again. In the last few games, they scored a whopping 23 runs while the opposing scored a measly three.

It was an inconsistent season in terms of momentum, but when the team could play with their heads in the game, they were unbeatable. Ultimately, the team finished the season with an 8-4 record, and more importantly everyone learned to play with a winning mentality. The Towson Generals baseball program certainly has a bright a future ahead.