New Start Time? No Big Deal

Burke Harman

Towson students now must wake up a gruesome 10 minutes earlier as the school start time unanticipatedly changed to 7:40 instead of the familiar 7:50 time. When the news was released last year, everyone was up in arms, including me. I thought 7:50 was early enough, and 7:40 was an injustice to our students. But in reality, starting at 7:40 isn’t really a major concern whatsoever for our student body.  

Some might argue that science states teens need as much sleep as possible, and yes that is true. But, 10 minutes? I highly doubt that will have that much of an effect at all. It’s not 30 minutes, it’s 10. 

This unexpected change was made due to bus arrangements and having to pick up middle school students – something that is fairly logical. The bus drivers should have time do their jobs in the most efficient matter. 

The new school start time really shouldn’t be talked about much.  There’s really nothing we can do about it, it is what is, and on the bright side we get out of school earlier. It’s time for the students of Towson to forget about what time we open our doors and the debacle as whole, and enjoy the 2017-2018 school year to the fullest extent