Fortnite: The Art of Bushin’ It


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

Drew Evans, Staff Writer

Lately the world has been taken by storm by a game called “Fortnite”. This game is essentially like the trilogy “The Hunger Games, ” with every man and woman for themselves in the wild. 

Fans of the game know the feeling, on the outskirts of Retail Row and nothing but a common AR, when know you’re out manned and out gunned. Your last resort….. bush it. 

When bushin’ it, you cannot draw attention to yourself. You have to locate a quality bush that covers most, if not all of your head. But when locating a bush, it’s a necessity to be subtle. 

Don’t run standing up – you’ll cause too much of a scene and get spotted. A good way to move from bush to bush is crouching and moving in a stealthy manner. Also, it’s essential you find a good bush within the storm. If you don’t, you’re an idiot. 

Bushin’ it has produced some magnificent results. Many people have succeeded through this interesting tactic of hiding in nearby shrubbery. 

“When worse comes to worse, I think that hiding in a bush is a good way to catch people off guard to gain an advantage in combat,” says Kylle Gaspay, Towson High graduate. 

Occasionally, the luckiest men and women obtain a bush you actually wear. You can walk around and crouch when you want, hidden in a bush from any enemies in sight. 

Sometimes it backfires. When in the bush, people can look around and cause some attention. Others may catch a glimpse of the movement… and then you’re done. 

Also people have challenged bushin’ it by calling it “soft” and “stupid.” 

“It’s not fun. I don’t have the patience for it. I don’t enjoy it at all,” says Brady Bayne, freshman. 

Another thing is that if you shoot at someone, you have to finish them or else the bush is useless because they’ll know where you are. 

Personally, from my experience of playing the game the ploy of bushin’ it has brought me great success. I’ve won many games because of hiding in the local greenery, where no one expects me to be.