The Faculty Basketball Game in Review

Helen Logan, Staff Writer

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I strolled into the gym on this particularly lively Friday afternoon. Immediately I was greeted with a sea of eager faces, impatiently awaiting the start of the game. The commotion created by all of the students drowned out any audible voices. Select faculty members could be seen sporting either maroon or white.  

The brave teachers that chose to participate in the game were placed on either the white or the maroon team. The maroon team was led by Ms. West and had Mr. Gavin, Mr. Miller, Ms. Hanley, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Busselman, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Meyers, Mr. Hoefler, Mr. Collins, and Mr. Salvino. The white team was coached by Ms. Karsos and had Mr. Stange, Mr. Geckle, Mr. Dalsimer, Mr. Jochmans, Mr. Marx, Mr. Eastham, Ms. Santavenere, and Mr. Bohning. 

The game started with back and forth action. A couple baskets were scored on either team and the leading team alternated frequently. With five minutes left, the maroon team was ahead with seven points and the white team followed with five points.  

You could feel the tension in the air as the first half came to a close and each team reconvened to form a team huddle. The momentary pause allowed the valiant faculty members to catch their breath. The scores were very close at this point but the maroon team still had an entire half left to surpass the white team. 

After a brief halftime, the players were back out on the court and fighting relentlessly to earn the win for their team. Mr. Geckle used his height to his advantage and made many dunks. Every time the ball swished through the net, the crowd roared. 

As the second half came to a close it looked like the white team would be taking home the win until the maroon team was able to score enough points to tie the game with no time left. The crowd went wild. The game had taken an unexpected turn.  

Everyone waited in anticipation until the ref announced that the game would enter overtime. One minute was added to the clock and overtime commenced. The white team then scored a point and it appeared they would win the game. The student body rejoiced prematurely because at the very end of overtime, Mr. Cooke from the maroon team shot an incredible basket just as the clock ran out. 

The final result of the game was a win by the maroon team with 22 points and the white team close behind with 21 points.  

The game was entertaining and exciting all the way through. As junior Alexis Bjurling described, “the game moved me to tears.” The faculty game was definitely entertaining and I would highly recommend all of the students attend next year. It was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.  

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