A Football Game For the Books


The sun was glaring off the lens of my Polaroid sunglasses as I walked into the maroon filled stadium. It was blazing hot and I could see the sweat bounce off o everyone’s forehead. But none of that mattered because school spirit overpowered everything else. 

Towson fans took our side of the bleachers while Dulaney took the other, getting ready for an intense rivalry game. The cheerleaders were ahead pumping up the crowd and we all went crazy. Fans started chants like “Hey! Hey Towson! You know how to fight, you got to rock white maroon and roll with the white.” 

Senior football player Drew Evans exclaimed, “All the chanting from the fans really got me pumped up to start the game and the whole team got excited and ready to play!” 

The Generals received the ball first and when junior Naevon Lane caught that ball, we all screamed at the top of our lungs. From that point on, the game was a constant back and forth, from Dulaney being ahead 7 points and then Towson tying up the game. We kept in the energy up in the stands to motivate the players to keep scoring. 

By the fourth quarter, Towson was ahead 42-36 and all fans were on the edges of their seats, seeing if Dulaney would score the touchdown and field goal, giving them the victory. 

It was the last couple minutes and Dulaney was near the 30 yard line, ready to score. Everyone was holding hands-and their breath-as the whistle blew. The quarterback threw the ball and a miracle happened. Towson senior Eric Gaines caught the ball, making it the interception every person will remember. The Towson bleachers went absolutely insane; cheers and hugs were all around.  

The game ended at 42-36 Towson. Seniors haven’t seen a victory like this since freshman year and it was one way to end our last Towson-Dulaney football game ever. I walked out of the stadium with a sense of pride for my school and it was truly a game that won’t be forgotten.