Towson Falls to Loch Raven


For Towson’s girls’ soccer team, the Loch Raven game was just another game for them. Another game that they always win, year after year. But, there predictable outcome didn’t seem to occur this year.

The game started out as usual, just some back and forth with no one scoring yet. But, that didn’t last for long. Loch Raven scored early in the first half. That was all right, there was still the majority of the first half and all of the second half left. There was time. Towson knew they had this, they never lose to Loch Raven. How very wrong they were this year.

As the first half wore on Towson got more and more frustrated. Getting fouls more frequently. Pushing and shoving to do anything to get the ball. Even shoving one of their own players out of the way to get the ball.

Towson tried everything to get a tie with Loch Raven. They demonstrated their great ball skills and their marvelous determination. Grace Ambrose(senior) held off the Loch Raven attackers off, in goal, for the rest of the half.

Towson comes off the field, at the end of the first, worn out and crushed. The captains wouldn’t have any of that attitude. They had a hard-nosed talking to with the rest of the team. One captain saying, “We are not going to give up. We’ve got this. Towson on 3…1-2-3!” “Towson!”

Juniors Maddie Grable and Emma Corona (captain) say, “We started out the first half flat but quickly picked up our game and we wanted to keep that momentum going in the second half.” Towson came out strong, but Loch Raven came out just as strong. Not backing down one bit. Showing Towson that they’re real competition and not the second-rate team that Towson has always thought of them.

Towson comes out in the second half even more determined. They weren’t going down without a fight. Pass. Dribble. Shoot. So close, but not close enough. The Loch Raven goalie was making some great saves the whole game.

Towson doesn’t chicken out and take the defeat. They finally score at the end of the second half, but it wasn’t enough to take home a win. The game ended with the final score being 1-2, Towson taking home a lost. Loch Raven taking home a win against Towson for the first time in a while.

The Lady Generals came off the field drained with a look of utter defeat on their face. The bus ride home was mute. No one wanting to talk, everyone wanting to think about what they could’ve done differently.

Towson was back on that smoldering turf field the very next day. Practicing harder than they have in a long time. Coach Hanley wasn’t going to let them forget this loss. She wanted them to learn from it, not whine and grumble about it. Coach Hanley knows they’re a strong team, but Loch Raven was also a strong team this year. Stronger than they’ve been in years.

Emma Corona says, “At the end we came out together as a team and was supporting each other and playing 100% [at the end of the game].” Even with a very tough lost the Lady Generals stayed as a team and didn’t blame each other for their defeat.