Fall Sports Preview 2017

Varsity Badminton

Coaches: Cary Sonneborn

Captains: Cal Herndon, Christine Lamb

Game to Watch: Dulaney 9/8 Home 3:45 pm


“We are getting stronger every day, and we have a legit chance of picking up some medals at the county championships later in the season” -James Tabet, senior


Coaches: Kellie Alexander, Ms. Jacobs

Captains: Autumn Epps, Jessica

Vaughn, Kayla Baptiste, Daijah Friend

“Look for us at home football games!” -Kojo Baidoo, freshman


Varsity Cross Country

Coaches: Gil Stange, Rick Malloy

Captains: Corey Parts, Jaqui Sheedy

Game to Watch:

“We have a lot of talented freshman, who have been put in varsity spots and are working towards improvement. The upperclassmen are also supplying strong performances in the clutch” -Braden Hamelin, junior

Varsity Field Hockey

Coaches: Samantha Merrick, Amy Spadanuta

Captains: Riley Collier, Bridget Berger, Maddy Fagan

Game to Watch: Dulaney 9/22 Home 3:45 pm (L 5-0), Carver 10/17 Home 3:30 pm (Senior Game)

“The season has been going well so far. We’ve been learning a lot of new strategies, and we’re continue using them in the game and becoming an even stronger team.” -Emma Hammer, senior


Varsity Football

Coaches: Ryan Pittilo, Kelly Bryant

Captains: Drew Evans, Alex Simet, Rodger Holcombe, Nayshin Simmons

Game to Watch: Dulaney 9/16 Home 1:00 pm (W 42-36), Loch Raven 10/14 Home (Homecoming) 1:00 pm

“We have high expectations. After our first lost to Perry Hall, the squad is ready to suit up and win the rest of the year.” -Drew Evans, senior


JV Football

Coaches: Rocco Welling

Captains: Paul Lentz, Damone Moore, Harrison Jones, Jadyn Castillo

Game to Watch: Dulaney 9/15 Home 4:00 pm (W 32-8), Loch Raven 10/14 10:00 am

“We follow a simple set of instructions: ‘Do your job.’ A motivational saying popularized by the NFL team, New England Patriots. We use it to make sure everyone executes their responsibilities for us to succeed as a team.” -Tyler Parker-Rollins, sophomore


Varsity Golf

Coaches: Tom Blair

Captains: Burke Harman, Connor Brown, Sean Lawrence

Game to Watch: County Championships 10/18

“It’s going to be a fun season, and we’re looking forward to the county championships.” -Burke Harman, senior


Girls Varsity Golf:

Coaches: Tom Blair

Captains: Maggie Burke

Game to Watch: District VI Tournament 10/18 3:15 pm

“It has been a fun season. We have been improving every match.” -Audra Lucas, senior


Varsity Boys Soccer

Coaches: Randy Dase

Captains: Thomas Lewis, James Thorne

Game to Watch: Dulaney 10/20 Away 3:00 pm, Catonsville 9/07 Home 5:15 pm (L 1-0), Fallston 10/13 Away 3:45 pm

“We’re going through a rebuilding year after our successful season last year (state semifinal appearance) but we should be able to reach, if not, exceed expectations.” -Thomas Lewis, senior


JV Boys Soccer

Coaches: Erich Geckle

Captains: Nick Miller, Olly Hogg, Del Viscio

Game to Watch: Dulaney 10/24 Away 3:45 pm, Hereford 10/12 Home 4:00 pm

“We are undersized, but we make up for it with great teamwork and overall skill.” -Henry Weir, sophomore


Varsity Girls Soccer

Coaches: Lauren Hanley, Brendan McFacdden

Captains: Grace Ambrose, Jordan Codella, Abby Osmeyer

Game to Watch: Dulaney 9/28 Home 4:00 pm (W 3-0), Hereford 10/13 Away 5:15 pm

“It’s been a fun season so far, and hope we end the year strong.” -Grace Ambrose, senior


JV Girls Soccer

Captains: Sara Huebeck, Katie Saunders

Game to Watch: Dulaney 9/28 Home 4:00 pm (L 0-1), Hereford 10/13 Away 3:45 pm

“We’ve had a successful season to this point, but everyone should come check out some of the remaining games!”-Katie Saunders, sophomore


Varsity Volleyball

Coaches: Emily Berman, Nick Busselman

Captains: Logan Marsh, Taylor Mann, Tyanna Butler

Game to Watch: Dulaney 9/27 Away 5:00 pm (W 3-0)

“This season has been full of amazing moments. The one that has to stand out is our domination over Dulaney. I’ve never felt more like a team than the moment we won. The pure joy expressed from everyone was something I’ll never forget.” -Becca Grim, junior


JV Volleyball

Captains: Katie Kilcoyne,

Game to Watch: Dulaney 9/27 Away 3:45 pm

“I think we have some great potential this year. We’re going to counties baby!”- Katie Kilcoyne, sophomore