Will Trump Leave a Lawful Legacy?

Karen Prem

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Since the time of the American Revolution, this nation has established freedoms and rights, and has kept itself in check by abiding by the laws established by the founding fathers.  Now, we are a powerful influence in the world, and in order to remain a positive influence, we need to re-evaluate our positions on our own laws.  As a nation with a high crime rate, it is necessary to change the atmosphere to one that cultivates a desire to abide by the law.  President Donald Trump is doing his part to influence the country in this way.

Most United States citizens would agree that our freedoms are crucial to who we are as a nation.  How do we arrive at the point where freedoms are genuinely enforced and deeply rooted into each of our identities?  Gary Prem, a Towson resident, says that we, as a people, need more pride for our country, which includes pride for the law.  He sees that unfortunately, countless members of society assume that following the law is something to be compromised, and the zeal to be law-abiding citizens has greatly diminished.

If this is true, there is most certainly a need for the revival of American pride!  And, when you think about it, it is likely to be true.  In the country’s top high schools and colleges, even the most praised students often drink over the weekend or smoke illegal substances, even though they are underage.  This is a depressing fact, since we are one of the top high schools in the nation.  Our law-abiding national pride is seriously lacking, and someone needs to motivate us to mend it.

Is Trump the person to do it?  Because he is not another politician in the White House, he already brings the aroma of change, which motivates all in support of him.  However, the country is divided, a large portion of the country still against Trump and his policies, mainly because of immigration.

I agree that immigration is a difficult topic, because of the impact of deportation.  How awful it would be to lose friends and family simply because you are not yet a citizen.  However, President Trump is taking a strong stance that all illegal actions should be justly punished, and though painful, this cultivates a necessary law-abiding atmosphere, if America wants to move forward.

With a little time, we will realize that illegal actions do not suit any American well, and begin to revise our system and ways of life for the better.  We will solidify a type of American who is not afraid to be an American – a type of American who is peaceful and law-abiding, no matter what the believe politically.  Perhaps, with Trump’s wake-up call, we will arrive there soon.

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Will Trump Leave a Lawful Legacy?