Ways to Wake Up


Sohei Matsui

Everyone wants to wake up feeling like P.Diddy, except no one is able to. But no worries – you can get refreshed in no time. You don’t need prescribed amphetamines to keep your mind running. Here are some simple tips to get your conscience grooving throughout your school day and any day:

Breakfast on the Fast Break

If you’re tired, a common you might be asked is, did you eat breakfast that morning? A bowl of high-carb cereal, a cup of milk, and some fruit is all it takes to jumpstart your system. Some good options for the morning are: eggs, sausage, oatmeal, bananas, apples, bagels, and orange juice. Fruit is always a great option to eat. Fruit is jam-packed with healthy sugars and vitamins. Make sure to have some granola or apples for easy munching on the go.

Hydrate Yourself

During the dark hours, your body hasn’t had any water for 6 – 8 hours (or 4 if you’ve been procrastinating too hard on that English paper the whole week). Take a glass or two to rehydrate your system so you can feel more refreshed.

Get moving

Exercise is the body’s natural way of saying that you are active. Forcing your body to move tricks your brain into thinking you are doing something important and will wake your brain up more. Some pushups and a light jog will be a great start to your morning.

Cold Showers

Morning comes and you pick yourself up to go to the shower. Ask you enjoy the sauna of your bathroom, often times it’s easy to doze off in the hospitality of the inviting waters. Fear not, just crank the nozzle from H to C. Do you feel the energy of the cold water? It seeps into your skin to have your body absorb the energy that’s needed for a successful day. Cold showers are also known to have the ability to increase alertness and reduce stress, perfect for an intense school day.

Roasting in the morning

With a world of 83% of American adults drinking coffee, you can understand the popularity of the drink when it promotes the energy people need to get work done. Coffee has the ability to wake people up from their zombie-fied state just by smelling it. The caffeine is a great energy provider for those that need an extra kick. Be careful to not rely or develop an addiction however, because coffee may not always be available.

Sleep Apps

Some days even though you slept a full 8 hours you do not feel fully refreshed. Often times, you have woken up during your sleep cycle. If you wake up at the end of a sleep cycle, you will feel well rested. Apps such as “Sleep Cycle” or “Sleep” on Android allow your device to track your sleep movements and find the most optimal time to wake you up inside a wake-up period. Some other ways to use your alarm clock differently is placing your phone across your room, using NFC tags, or scanning barcodes to mute alarms.

Sleep Earlier

How do you get more sleep? Although the answer isn’t fun, sometimes you just have to sleep earlier. Sleep is your body’s natural way of recharging itself. A well-rested body is an asset to succeeding in sports, school, work, and general productivity.

Those options of whether to play games all-night, binge-watch Malcolm in the Middle all night, or stay up messaging friends are all things you can decide to partake or just sleep.  The choice for more fun is yours and that’s alright, although you may need a little more coffee in the morning.

With the advice above, you can wake up every day feeling like a champ.