Fall Sports Preview

Jack Bayne and Nick Testoni, Staff writer

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After a stellar season of fall sports last year, the Towson High sports program is looking to top last year’s season with another excellent season in 2016.


Coach: Lindsay Dugovich

Game to watch: Towson vs Dundalk 10/10 Home @ 3:15 pm

“It was really fun.” – Abbey Baynes, senior


Coach: Jon Beckervarsity-soccer

Captains: Austin Kirts, Adam Coplai, Jack Baker

Game to watch: Towson vs Dulaney 9/28 Home @ 5:00 pm

“We are going all the way to states baby!” –Chris Dohony, junior




Coach: Erich Geckle

Captains: Grant Kuhen, Max Burket, Teagan Hersh

Game to watch: Towson vs Franklin 10/13 Home @ 4:00 pm

“We’re winning counties again, we’re that good.” –Max Gadsden, sophomore



varsity-soccer-girlsCoaches: Mathew Clifford, Lauren Hanley

Captains: Dara Thomas, Emmey German, Amy Trueschler

Game to watch: Towson vs. Hereferd 9/30 Home @ 4:00

“I am super excited for this season because I think the team has the potential to play very well and surprise some teams.” –Caroline Ware, junior


Coach: Shayna Kirschenbaumjv-soccer-girls

Captains: Elisabeth Swift, Grace Dunham, and Maddie Grable

Game to watch: Towson vs Hereford 9/30 Home @ 4:00 pm

“I think we are going to have a good year, if we keep up all the hard work.” –Katie Saunders, freshman


Coaches: Chad Knippenberg, Reno Regalbuto, Darren Cockerille

Captains: Jackson Hays, Alex Simet, Rodger Holcombe III, Andrew Dipaulavasity-football

Game to watch: Towson vs. Kenwood 10/8 Home @ 1:00 pm (Homecoming)

“We will be better than last year, I think we have the right tools.” –Rodger Holcombe III, junior


Coaches: Brad Eastham, Jemmie Almuete

Captains: Ben Ducharme, Cameron Wang, Matt Jahriesjv-football

Game to watch: Towson vs. Patapsco 9/17 Home @ 10:00 am

“As long as we stay healthy and do our jobs, we will have success as a team.” –Ben Ducharme, sophomore


Coach: Carey Sonnebournebadminton

Captains: Matt Kist, Tanner Meeks, Nicholas Wynn

Game to watch: Towson vs. Catonsville 9/15 @ 3:45

“This squad is a major improvement from last year. We are talking exponential growth and skill. We may not have standout stars, but consistent skills will gets us some dubs.” –Nicholas Wynn, senior

VARSITY FIELD HOCKEYjv-field-hockey-2


Coaches: Samantha Merrick and Amy Spandanuta

Captains: Sally Fraker, Kathryn Ertel, Rachael May

Game to watch Towson vs Dulaney 9/28 Home @ 3:30

“This is the most versatile team we have ever had.” –Jay Marty, senior


Coaches: Danielle Bowen

Captains: Bekah Platzke, Jocelyn jv-field-hockey

Game to watch: Towson vs. Sparrows Point 9/22 Home @ 5:15 pm

“I think we are going to do pretty good this season, we have a boat load of potential.” –Jocelyn Bayne, sophomore


Coach: Tom Blair

Captain: Riley Elliot

Game to watch: Towson vs Dundalk

“We’re all pretty new to golf but we are optimistic and working really hard to be the best golf team we can be.” –Riley Elliot, junior


Coach: Tom Blairboys-golf

Captain: Sean Lawrence

Games to watch: Towson vs Hereford

“We are expecting big things, we want to do well in the county tournament, and we definitely want to beat Hereford.” –Burke Harman, junior



VARSITY VOLLEYBALLvarsity-volleyball

Coach: Emily Berman, Nick Busselman

Captains: Michaila Sheedy, Nicole Race, Maeve O’Connor

Game to watch: Towson vs Dulaney 10/20 @ 5:00

“It’s going to be hard to repeat last year’s performance, but we will succeed anyways.” –Logan Marsh, junior




Coach: Janet Kinesjv-volleyball

Captains: Grace Anderson, Grace Anderson, Rebecca Grim

Game to watch: Towson vs Parkville 10/10 Home @ 3:45

“With lots of new potential, we hope that over the course of the season we can improve and play to our fullest potential” –Rebecca Grim, sophomore


Coach: Gil Stange

Captains: John Ellis, Karen Prem

“We have high expectations, and we plan to be one of the top teams in the state.” –Tyler Paul, junior







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Fall Sports Preview