Jump or Work at the New Rockin’ Jump

Nick Wynn and Sohei Matsui

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Fling, boing, and spring about! Rockin’ Jump is the next hopping attraction in Towson. Busting out on 8855 Orchard Tree Lane, Rockin’ Jump has opened a brand new trampoline park catered to anyone willing to bounce around.

Rockin’ Jump is a franchise that was founded in 2010 in California. Since then, 17 locations have opened nationwide. The 17th location happens to be right up Towson High’s alleyway. This new location, which previously housed Skateland, has been transformed into a bright and colorful trampoline central. From bouncing on trampolines, to climbing rock walls, dunking baskets, jousting with friends, or snacking out, there’s so much to do at Rockin’ Jump!

When you pull up to the facility, an illuminated gecko greets you with its dashing silhouette surrounding the words “ROCKIN’ JUMP.” Contrasting to the silver exterior, the inside of the facility bursts with orange and green. When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by workers who help you register and give you colorful wristbands along with jazzy socks to prevent you from slipping on the trampolines.

A dodgeball court, a jousting arena, a friendly dunk contest area, monumental rock-climbing walls, launch zones, or free jump zones – there is so much to do. You can hop around and do wild flips or knock your buddies out of the dodgeball and the jousting court! And, you can basically jump around anywhere.

There are also some areas designated for exhausted jumpers and parents to unwind. There is a lounge with TV’s in case you need to catch a football game, and there is also a dining area with a great array of refreshments. Both areas are conveniently located far enough from the hustle and bustle of the wild jumpers, making them great places to relax with friends.

After all the fun of Rockin’ Jump, you might be a little low on cash. But don’t worry – Rockin’ Jump is actively hiring interested and energetic students, especially from Towson High School, to work in their glamorous trampoline environment.

Rockin’ Jump is the most hippest, most hoppin’ new trampoline park in the Towson area, so come on down for some fun with friends or apply for a job.
You won’t have a flat time!

Website: http://tsn.rockinjump.com/
Link to application: http://tsn.rockinjump.com/join-our-team