Changes at THS


Sam Kiegel

This school year is full of brand new, exciting changes.   Read on to hear about what’s new at THS:  


The One Card.  By now, you should have received an ID card attached to a stylish blue lanyard, which must be worn by both teachers and students. The card will eventually be used to take student attendance by scanning the card when you come into the building.  If you love to read, the One Card can be used to check out library books too.  This card is very important for school security, so if you lose your One Card, you’ll have to pay a $5 replacement fee.  For every day you forget your card at home, you will have to pay $1 for a temporary one-day use card.  Once the scanning system is implemented, make sure you don’t forget your One Card.

Yesterday Today. The announcements last year were aired live each morning. This year, the morning announcements are pre-recorded the day before they are aired.  The “Yesterday Today” show is more interactive and includes several new sections.  In “Gab’s Corner,” which will broadcast each Monday, Gabrielle Millard will answer a student question with her expert advice. There will also be trivia questions hosted by a member of the “It’s Academic” team and faculty guest hosts “going out on location” in front of the green screen.  The show is also all digital. All the old analog equipment has been removed from the booth and replaced with one powerful computer.  The show has been mostly revamped by students Jeremy McCord and Everest Brooks.

Four period day. Have you ever wanted more time to finish a test or work on a lab in science class? There are many reasons why we have 80-minute classes instead 45-minute classes.  Instead of seven period days, we now have A and B days that consist of four 80-minute long periods. These longer periods will allow give you more time to work on projects and assignments.

Teachers. There are around 18 new faculty members at THS this year!  Look for an article featuring new faculty profiles that will be published in a few weeks.  Be sure to say hello and welcome them to our school!

Cell phone policy. For the first time in Towson history, students can use their cell phones in the cafeteria. You are now able to listen to music, play Flappy Bird, or just surf the internet. There are still strict cell phone policies in place for hallways and classes, so use your phone wisely.