Class of 2025 Election Results

At the beginning of October, the freshmen class voted on the class officers that would represent them. After weeks of campaigning, the four class officers were recently announced: Damola Ariyibi for president, with about 41.5 percent of the vote, Ethan Richards for vice president, pulling in 39.3 percent, Grace Belmont for secretary with 37.4 percent, and Alex Lohse for treasurer with 31.5 percent.

All the races were exceedingly close, and everyone who ran should be congratulated on their efforts, but the question now is: how are these winners going to represent the freshman class? Damola, the president of the class of 2025, confirms that she will “use all the power [she] is given to make our class feel included during the school year.” She also finds it important to note that she is “open to any suggestions from any individual” and that if anyone is interested in offering up their takes, they should “feel free to contact [her].” Noted for running an Instagram account for her presidential campaign, it’s clear that student connection and feedback is high on Damola’s list of priorities.