Farewell Avid Seniors

It’s a yearly tradition to wave with sad eyes at the leaving Seniors in May. Avid is a class that follows each other through four years of high school. They learn to work with each other and to trust each other. That’s why it’s always sad to say goodbye.  

AVID – Advancement Via Individual Determination. Avids course consists mainly of college preparation and study sessions. The goal of the teachers is to give their students the tools they need to leave with confidence, knowing they are ready and prepared for college. Student Stephanie Carass, a student, graduating and going to Drexel University had this to say, “I wouldn’t have known anything about college if it wasn’t for AVID. I wouldn’t have known that you have to apply to FAFSA even if you’re not getting financial AID. I wouldn’t have known what CommonApp is. I wouldn’t have been so early in applying to a college that it increased my likelihood of getting in. And all of it was done during school hours.”  

AVID helps students push past the problems they face in school, teaching them to thrive in the process. Now, we the graduating Seniors moving on to the next stage in their lives there were some that thought back to the memories they made. Students like Jules McDaniel, an environmental studies major, thought back to her time visiting colleges with the AVID class. Stephenie Carcass thought back to funny moments with her teacher Ms. Nash.  

I decided to ask the two students what they would say to the freshman class that is starting their AVID journey. I know that in my freshman AVID year, we complained. We saw the work, the studying, the research to be tedious busywork and couldn’t be bothered to understand the longterm goals that were being set up for us. Some dropped out, and others checked out, only working to their minimum capacity. 

Stephenie Carcass had this to say to the incoming freshmen, “AVID is so helpful for self-growth and confidence with how many speeches you have to write. Its also a group of people going through the same issues as you are. Make good use of your AVID tutors and the last year is so beneficial for you when applying to colleges. Pull through.”  

Julies McDaniel had similar thoughts, “AVID is an opportunity. You will only get out of it what you put in. Take it seriously, and you will be fine.”  

Every graduating class of seniors gives us confidence that the program is only growing stronger and I hope that the freshman will take their advice because the work you put in pays off in the long run. Farewell to the senior class, and good luck on your journey through college.