Ring a Ling Ding


As we near the date of ring dance, which is scheduled to take place on March 22nd, there have been some speculations as to why the SGA has prohibited the entrance of other high school students. When that was announced, all sophomores were extremely upset about the news and some are even thinking to not go to the dance at all. Another big issue is the amount of time each student has to purchase a ticket. When I spoke to one of the planner’s, sophomore Alice Kerns had stated, “students may only purchase a ticket from 7:15-7:30 am and 2:15-2:30 pm in the senior café.” As we near ring dance day, the sophomore class of 2021 is counting down the days, as Ring Dance is sooner than we think!

As I interviewed sophomores, it was evident that the majority were planning on bringing a date from other schools and now that they can’t they will not attend the dance at all. Sophomore Grace Batavick said “I know it’s crazy, my friends and I were going to bring dates from different schools and now we can’t. I’m still planning on going, but it won’t be as fun without our dates.” Students were not only hoping to bring a date from different schools but to also meet people that you don’t really see every day and just hang out. Well, now that Towson has officially taken that opportunity away let us just hope they won’t do the same for Junior and Senior Prom.

Another big issue that has risen is the number of tickets being sold, and the amount of time you have to purchase them. When I spoke to one of the planners Alice Kerns stated, “Tickets are being sold from Friday, February 27th– Friday, March 8th in the senior café before and after school from 7:15-7:30 am and 2:15-2:30 pm. Make sure you get there early because the line gets really long.” Not only is the line before and after school extremely long to the point where your feet would hurt just from standing for so long, but the fact that they are only selling for 15 min.

Considering the short amount of time people have to purchase their ticket, students would leave class an extra 5-10 min early to secure their spot in line. As I spoke to sophomore Sydney Gregory she said “Wow this is a long line. Think about how many people will be behind us!” As tickets rapidly sell, the more and more anxiety people feel to get it purchased. Not only are most people purchasing a ticket for themselves, but also for their date and my oh my how much anxiety that must cost to not only have to worry about your own ticket but another person’s.

Now for the most interesting part of it all, outfits. All sophomore girls are making sure that they have the perfect dress, and that it arrives on time for Ring Dance. As we scurry to find the perfect dress for this special night to be, we will also have to keep in mind our dates outfits and how we can match them in any way possible. Us girls are trying to get every opinion possible to have the slightest bit of confidence that we have made the right choice, and even then, do those doubts of that perfect dress cross our minds. The theme for the dance is the city, and the most popular colors that will be seen is white, black, red, and pink.

As we come close to the most exciting night of the year, there will of course also be drawbacks as to what occurs Friday night and how each sophomore goes about with their evening. The evening will be filled with some good food (only serving chick fil the first hour though), a DJ, lights, a photo booth and more. The Weekend coming will sure be something to remember from the class of 2021.