Short and Sweet Graduation

Catarina Cardarella

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When the tunnel  at the SECU  arena was visibly filled with graduates and the band started playing Pomp and Circumstance, the guests at Towson University went silent. Just seconds later, the arena was filled with cheers and applause the graduating class of 2018 entered the room.

The celebration continued as the class of 2018 slowly made their way to their seats, preparing to sit to sit through what is usually a long ceremony with long speeches. But this year, the ceremony was filled with short and sweet speeches, which made it enjoyable.  

Every part of graduation seemed to captivate the audience’s attention, including Ms, DiMino’s speech highlighting the accomplishments of this year’s graduating class, both academic, extracurricular, and volunteer.  

Serena Roberts and Celia Parts gave dazzling speeches that related to each senior sitting below them, whether it was about “reaching the top of the mountain” or looking back at memories made throughout their time at Towson. Everyone appreciated not having to sit for hours in the uncomfortable stadium chairs.  

After an hour of sitting and listening, family and friends were ready to leave. Pictures were taken in the unbearable humidity and everyone left to go celebrate with their friends and family.

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