Post-Senior Prom Event a “Roaring” 1920’s Hit!

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The class of 2017 ended their year with a bang as senior prom was held at the downtown Marriott on the seniors’ last day of school.  The consensus was that prom was a success and the seniors’ last-ever dance at Towson was one of their best.

When the prom ended, the night was not even close to over, as there was still a post-prom event scheduled to take place until 2:30 am. The event was held in the Towson University Union Center and sponsored by the PTSA.
The theme was quite old school – it was termed the “Great Gatsby” event. As students made their way to the building, they were greeted by volunteers dressed in 1920s clothing while jazz music blasted through the speakers.

After the students walked underneath the Class of 2017 archway and into the building, they had to check in with their prom ticket before entering the event.

Once checked in, the festivities started very quickly. Four caricature artists were stationed in the lobby and provided the students with beautiful sketches of them in their post-prom attire.

Then, the there was a cafe for the students to devour as much food as they wanted, headlined by a crowd favorite: Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets. Cold drinks and desserts were also available.

Then there was the game room. This room included a ping pong table, blackjack, karaoke, Mario Kart, and a Family Feud parody dubbed “Fabulous Feud.”


Winners received tickets, which they could later turn in to enter a raffle for a prize. Prizes included a 36-inch TV, Beats headphones, and music speakers.


The prize that everyone was anticipating, however, was the $500 cash prize that was awarded at 2:30am. The winner was Justin Mohammadi. When asked about the prize, he jokingly responded, “What am I supposed to do with this?”


The event was a huge hit and delivered the fun that was advertised prior to prom.

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Post-Senior Prom Event a “Roaring” 1920’s Hit!