A Shockingly Snowless Winter


It’s been a snowless winter to say the least for the greater Baltimore Area. We had only one mere two hour delay for Towson High. Considering a winter that brought us one of the most legendary snowstorms in history last year, this was a disappointment.

We had over two feet of snow last January, all thanks to winter storm Jonas, so the anticipation was quite high this year. “It’s a real bummer we had no snow, I was looking forward to some days off from school, just like last year,” said junior Sean Lawrence. We essentially had a second winter break, with 6 days off from school due to the lengthy cleanup process.

So why did we not have any snow? The temperature itself was just too warm, with averages in the 40’s and upper 30’s all throughout December and January. And towards the end of February temperatures grasped the 70’s, that’s spring weather in my book. With these relatively warm temperatures, it made it close to impossible for snow to fall. Even when it did for one night, the ground was too warm for it to actually stick.

There is some good news for this snowless winter, however. Students have a great chance of getting off a week earlier, since we did not use any snow days. This possibility combined with the extra week at the end for the new Labor Day law, could make for one very long summer, something everyone should be looking forward to.