March Madness 2016, Possibly the Tourney of the Terps?


Sohei Matsui

March is in full swing and with it brings much madness – college hoops madness, that is. This is the time of year when fans from all across the nation go wild for their favorite schools tipping off on the hardwood, and this year things could get especially unpredictable.

The theme of the 2015-2016 college basketball season has been upsets. We are talking upsets galore. In fact, more underdog teams have toppled the high-ranked powerhouses than the past two seasons combined.

Not only this, but there have been way more Associated Press Top 25 ranking changes than what’s common. There are no teams that really jump out as dominators when compared to other AP top 25 teams, so this season has been chaos when determining “who’s #1?”.

#1 in most Marylanders’ hearts this year has of course been the beloved Terrapins. Although their regular season has been chalked up with disappointments by many, a 25-8 record leading into the NCAA tournament as opposed to last year’s better finish of 28-6,  it’s an exhilarating time for Terps fans nonetheless. Now’s the time for the shielded soldiers in red to prove they can ante up when the stakes are high.

The first test for Melo Trimble, Diamond Stone, and the 5th-seed Squad will come this Friday as they take on the 13th-seed South Dakota State. So fill out those brackets, hold onto your lucky charms and get ready for the high-flying, high-octane fun of the 2016 NCAA tourney-Terps style.